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View the portfolio of your Tulsa wedding photographers, Tabor & Emily Warren. It is important that you know who your Tulsa wedding photographers are going to be well before your wedding day.

Here at Tabor Warren Photography, our intentional process and artistry is there to get to the heart of your story– by discovering who you are as an individual and who you’ve become as a couple. It is our mission that you are able to be fully present and enjoy your wedding day.

Your Wedding Only Happens Once.

If you would like images like this captured on your wedding day, we would love to hear from you! Us the following form to check availability or ask any questions, or simply reach out to us directly! You can reach me at any time by,

Phone: (918) 902-5663
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Direct Email: tabor@photosbytabor.com

I look forward to hearing from you! Let’s make your day incredible!!!

The Experience with Us As Your Tulsa Wedding Photographers


View the Portfolio

When researching Tulsa wedding photographers, it’s important to look at the wedding portfolio of your lead photographer. Below you will find a link to a video showcasing many of our favorites.


View Pricing Structure

We structure our pricing differently than essentially everyone. After a decade photographing weddings, our experience has shown us that every couple is unique, as are the needs they have for their wedding collection. With that, every wedding collection we create is specific to the couple it is meant to serve, crafting each collection to perfectly suite the couple it’s designed for.


Discovery Call

When researching Tulsa wedding photographers, it’s important to look at the wedding portfolio of your lead photographer. Below you will find a link to a video showcasing many of our favorites.


Visit the Studio!

At the studio, we’ll create your perfect wedding collection!


Choose Us As Your Team!

🥳 Once you’ve selected us as your team, the fun times kick up a notch!


Timeline Design

EVERY wedding needs a timeline. Having a timeline early in the design process helps provide clarity to the overall design and structure of your wedding. During the timeline meeting we’ll discuss vendors, ideas, and provide insights and answers from the hundreds of weddings we’ve photographed over the last 10+ years as full-time professional wedding photographers.


Find Your Ideal Vendor Team

After over 10 years as Tulsa wedding photographers, we have worked with so. many. vendors. Now’s the time for us to help you find your ideal vendor team! If you have any questions at all, or need help finding anyone just let us know! Chances are we have their name and numbers in our phone and would love to help you get connected to your perfect vendor team!

F.A.Q.’s We Receive as Tulsa Wedding Photographers

Still have questions, let us know! Alternatively, you can check out the frequently asked questions below!


A Quick Note From Your Tulsa Wedding Photographers;

First of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You are about to enjoy one of the best days of your life, and we are thrilled that you are considering Tabor Warren Photography as your photography team!

I truly believe that photography is the single most important decision you have when it comes to vendors. You may have heard it said, but in the end the cake is gone, the dj has gone home, and all you have remaining are the photographs from your wedding day. These photos are to be cherished for your lifetime, and for generations to come, with this all-important decision comes the responsibility we have as wedding photographers. We understand how serious this choice is with every wedding, and we promise to bring our absolute best when we arrive to capture yours.

Every wedding is unique, with custom details around every corner. It is our goal to capture the wedding in its entirety, capturing not just future memories, but amazing pieces of art that will fill your home and the homes of your families. We believe in the timeless nature of the gorgeous wedding albums we produce and the customized boxes available for them. These albums are your first family heirloom and will be in your home and passed down for generations to come. Our goal extends beyond simply capturing the ceremony, details, and bridal party. We go into every wedding with a vision and a plan. Our images are meant to be compelling, beyond what other professionals in our industry would even dream of creating. Using innovative techniques, we push the envelope every week to create something new, and yet our pursuit of timeless quality is the heartbeat of every image we capture. Our team at Tabor Warren Photography looks forward to the opportunity to work with you.

All my best,
-Tabor & Emily Warren

Our Goal

As Tulsa wedding photographers, we have dreams for your wedding day, and expectations for ourselves. It is our goal at the end of our time together for your home to be filled with gorgeous prints that you will be delighted to show off to your family and friends. We are full-service Tulsa wedding photographers, meaning that we are with you from the initial consultation all the way to helping design your album and build amazing works of art for your home. Read below to see how we differentiate ourselves from other Tulsa wedding photographers.

At Tabor Warren Photography we aim to photograph memories, provide a luxury experience, and seek only quality. Our vision is to become the standard of what it means to run a photography business.

At Tabor Warren Photography, it is our goal to be who we would hire as our own Tulsa wedding photographers.
I believe choosing the right Tulsa wedding photographer is the single most important detail in planning your wedding day. At the end of the day, the DJ goes home, the food has been eaten, but your wedding photos stay with you forever.
Why the engagement session is important.

The engagement session is our opportunity to work together before your wedding day. We help with posing, posture, and keys to crafting a great photo, yet blend authentic, natural, and fun creative posing. Even if you have had engagement photos taken by a family friend, another professional, or a weekend-warrior, the engagement session is an opportunity for a pre-wedding photo session. The engagement session helps everything to flow more smoothly during the creative aspect on your wedding day. In fact, engagement photography is such an important factor in your wedding day success that we’ve created the blog, “5 Tips for Amazing Engagement Photos“.

At Tabor Warren Photography, we capture the beauty of wedding photography.

Emily and I work alongside our team of photographers, allowing your wedding day the opportunity to be captured and remembered from multiple angles. There are SO MANY advantages to having a team on your wedding day. We will go over several at our pre-consultation meeting, but after years of experience, and hundreds of weddings, we have fine-tuned the art of capturing your wedding day.

Your wedding day has taken a great amount of planning, and your Tulsa wedding photographers should be just as dedicated to planning for your wedding day as you are.

At Tabor Warren Photography, we believe that great wedding photography requires a certain interest in the details of your wedding day. When you work with us, you can expect: Timely and thorough communication via email, phone, text, Skype, or which ever method works best for you. A pre-consultation meeting, A pre-wedding/timeline meeting, guided help creating must-have, sentimental, and family shot lists, post wedding photo-day meeting within two weeks of your wedding day, and the best customer service in the industry

Wedding photography is about capturing the moment.

Regardless of which wedding photography collection you choose, your wedding day is incredibly special. Our ultimate goal as your Tulsa wedding photographers is to photograph your wedding in a photo-journalistic way, however, we also spend a great deal of time at every wedding conducting, staging, and communicating to bring out the absolute best in your wedding photos. As your professional wedding photographers, we want you to be able to look back at your photographs and remember the day in detail. We believe every bride is beautiful, every groom is sharp, and every kid involved is absolutely adorable.

At TWP, we also offer various bridal sessions.

At Tabor Warren Photography, we have you covered. The dress is one of our favorite details of your day, and we love having bridal sessions! For even more fun, let’s go capture some magic during post-wedding creatives. The post-ceremony creatives, (also known as a Hollywood bridal or a celebrity bridal) can take place at your wedding venue or around the world, it’s up to you! Let’s meet up and create a vision. After that, all we have left is making that dream a reality, and creating even more beautiful artwork for your home. If you would like to see some bridal session inspiration, we have an entire wedding blog dedicated to what we call, “The Bridal Experience“.

Wedding photography is constantly moving.

Our ideas for how to capture your moment are complimentary. Everyone on our team has strengths and weaknesses that truly compliment the finished product. The end result of our different styles is breath-taking photographs that portray your incredible wedding day for years to come.

Wedding photography requires the right equipment.

As your professional Tulsa wedding photographers, we use professional grade Sony equipment. We know our equipment incredibly well and use time as necessary to get the wedding photographed correctly. My wife and I have invested heavily in the gear we use and focus our photography equipment towards wedding photography.

Wedding photography requires time, after the wedding day.

At Tabor Warren Photography, we have found some of the most fun actually takes place after the wedding day. Within two weeks, you are able to come into our office and we go through your color-corrected photos. At that time we can discuss the photos you would like in your album and can help with the decision making process. Once each page has been approved, we place the order and let you know as soon as it’s ready!

Your wedding photographers should accommodate you.

With nearly half of our weddings outside of Tulsa, not only do we love to travel, but as your wedding photographers, we are great at accommodating you no matter where you live. As a wedding photographer, one of my favorite aspects is finding new places to take photos, in and around the Tulsa metro or beyond. Your photographers at T.W. Photography simply pack up our gear and travel to you! If you are looking for destination wedding photographers, let us know! We have a special package designed just for you!

Your wedding photographers should be the same as the photographers you expected to shoot your wedding.

My name is Tabor and my wife is Emily, you can view our profiles here! We are each lead professional wedding photographers within TWP, and have a staff of qualified second shooters as well. We own all of the equipment used for your wedding day, and our staff is trained with each particular item as well! With that, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands at Tabor Warren Photography.

Your wedding album is 100% unique to you!
Years ago, we used to go through the album and decide which pictures would be best to tell the story of the wedding day. Though that service was great, ultimately you get to keep the album forever and I believe the photos inside should be the ones that are most important to you rather than to me. In addition to a guided form letting us know your favorite photos, you also get multiple album revisions. This ensures that the album you receive is one that you are proud to show off for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we hear quite commonly from our wedding clients. All questions below have been written and answered by Tabor and Emily Warren of Tabor Warren Photography. If you have any questions for us, we would love to hear from you! Click here to contact us and we will be right back with our response.

When should I book my Tulsa wedding photographers?
Most brides book their Tulsa wedding photographers 6 to 12 months in advance. We tend to book 12-18 months in advance, however, we do occasionally have a prime date available within a few months of the wedding so it’s never too late to inquire!
How long should I plan to have a photographer at my wedding?

We suggest having your Tulsa wedding photographers on site for the duration of your wedding day, including while you’re getting ready, during the ceremony, during the reception, and concluding with your grand exit. This is certainly a day that you never want to forget!

What are the benefits to having two Tulsa wedding photographers?
There are multiple benefits to having two Tulsa wedding photographers on your wedding day. First, having two Tulsa wedding photographers allows dual coverage for the bride and groom during the “getting ready” part of your wedding day—one photographer is almost always with the bride, while another photographer is able to capture the groom. This allows us to capture each possible moment of your wedding day. During the ceremony, we are able to capture multiple views of your vow exchange and first kiss, and during your wedding reception, we are able to get double coverage of all of the wedding day action. Additionally, if you are planning a first look, we want to ensure that your coverage is from both views as well!
Why should I choose TWP as our Tulsa wedding photographers?

When searching for your Oklahoma wedding photographers, quality and experience are two of the most important attributes to consider, however, I have found personality to be a major factor in the entire process as well! This is one reason why Emily or I meet with every possible couple before booking us for their wedding day. 

What is included in our wedding photography package?

All of our packages include a minimum of the following;


  • 2 photographers
  • Color-correcting
  • Digital Files
  • Print Release
  • Personalized wedding day timeline
  • Online gallery
  • Custom designed, Italian made, heirloom wedding album for you and future generations
When should I have my engagement session?

We typically suggest to engaged couples that it is best to pick a season. At Tabor Warren Photography, we love customizing everything for our engagement clients! If you have a season in mind, we can give you the best dates, (traditionally, this is Oklahoma after all 😄), for booking your engagement pictures. After that, depending on if you are looking for beautiful spring flowers, summer prairie fields, changing fall leaves, or even the thrill of snow, we will work with you to find the best time and place for your engagement pictures. Since the end result of all of our time together are amazing pieces of artwork for your home, I generally recommend choosing a time of year that is different than your wedding day. If you are getting married in the country during the fall, let’s look at shooting your engagement downtown during the Spring! This will give the greatest level of variety to the photos in your home.

Can I get the digital negatives?

You can! Depending on which collection you choose, the digital negatives are even included.

Who selects the images used in the heirloom album?
As your wedding photographers, we are certainly here to help with the selection process, however, rather than placing our favorite images into your album, we want YOU to be able to choose the photos. We have a guide that assists with telling the story of your wedding, however, the images within are completely up to you!
Do we have to order prints through you?

No way! You do not have to order prints through us or our ordering page. You are able to order from whichever printing lab you prefer. We do offer an online viewing gallery with the option to purchase prints from our preferred lab to each of our clients. This is a popular option for family and friends who are wanting to buy prints from your wedding. It makes their life more simple than having to email you requesting prints.

How do I select my Tulsa wedding photographers?
Selecting your Tulsa wedding photographers is probably the most crucial aspect of your wedding day. After all, the way you will remember your wedding day is through the images that your photographer provides! I certainly have a couple of pointers to brides who are in search of Tulsa wedding photographers: First of all, select a wedding photographer whose portfolio suits your style. Each wedding photographer shoots and edits differently, so looking at their recent work and imaging yourself in those images is a good place to start. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, select a Tulsa wedding photographer that you feel comfortable around and that you “click” with. Feeling comfortable around your wedding photographer will make your images look THAT much better since your true personality will be able to show if you feel 100% at ease around the person following you around with a camera.
Why should I have a wedding album?

We include an heirloom wedding album in every single collection providing you with a tangible story of your wedding day. Digitals are fine, and we give them to you, however, it’s the printed photos that you will be able to look back on forever. Your album is designed to flow much like a story, allowing you to recall various moments from your wedding day with each turn of the page. The reason we take tremendous pride in our heirloom albums is that they are built to last for hundreds of years. I get excited with every album delivery we have knowing that these albums will be passed down for several generations. How I wish I had a chance to view a wedding album from my grandparents and even great-grandparents. Let us know when you are free to come to the office, and I would love to show our albums to you!