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Straight-forward headshot photography pricing:

You have your choice of three headshot photo options. From the business session which includes a hair/makeup stylist, to the social media session which is quick and easy, everyone’s needs are different. Though our packages are there to meet most everyone’s needs, there is always the option to have a custom quote! Simply use our Tulsa Headshot Photographer contact page and let us know what your specific needs entail.


  • Business Session – $395
    Classic headshot session. Includes 5-8 retouched digital files, licensing use for the images, professional makeup application at the studio, and optional clothing changes.

  • Abbreviated Session – $175
    A quicker version of the classic business session. Includes 2-4 retouched digital files and licensing use for the image. Makeup is not included in these sessions, so please come makeup ready.

  • Social Media Session – $95
    The session is perfect if you really REALLY need just one look, one image to look amazing on social media, interviews and other small applications. This session only takes 15 minutes and is delivered in 24 hours or less.