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The Silo Event Center

The silo event center has everything you could want in a wedding video. Whether you were looking to get married inside during the cooler months, or outside during the spring summer or beautiful Autumn Oklahoma has to offer, the silo has arrangements that can accommodate.

One of my favorite aspects of the silo is the incredible hilltop Gardens. Atop the expensive Hillside just north of the reception, you will find a ceremony site truly perfect for any size wedding. If you were planning on having a large wedding, your family and friends can get a full 360 view of your ceremony. If you are planning a quaint getaway for you and your closest loud ones, the hilltop service perfect private escape from the noise.

After the ceremony head downhill into the reception hall which has been uniquely lit and styled by the professional team at Lyons Rd., Studios. Here in the hall you’ll have access to a full-size bar, on-site stage, full-size prep kitchen for your catering team, and plenty and tables and chairs for your convenience. Before you start out on your big day you can have the opportunity to get ready in your own cabin, or if entertainment is more your style, head on up to the amazing room suite just above the reception hall. Creative or unless at the silo House historic architecture, in modern amenities, have joined together to create a timeless look in space to commemorate your wedding day. Well in the reception hall enjoy the silence name sake, the perfect location for your cake to be on display leaving you ample room for the dance floor where your private DJ will bring dinner time through the night. Overall, what are you were looking for a touch of modern what are the beauty of traditional he would be well served to visit the silo, take a tour, and see all that it has to offer.