Like most photographers, I grew up and evolved through photography. It all began with a blue plastic Pokémon camera and a LOT of Kodak film, (my two-year old son now plays with the same camera, but we recently upgraded him to his first digital camera). Later I shot Kodak, Sony, Olympus and now Canon. Will I ever switch from Canon? No. I have put WAY too much into all of our Canon gear to shoot with anything else.


My view of photography has and always will be simplicity. I find no need for fake smiles or over editing, rather I enjoy taking photographs – pure and simple. The result is a list of photos reflecting true joy, friendship, family, and laughter all of which are then bottled into a still frame that will never exist again. I have thoroughly enjoyed viewing my life and the life of my family through captured memories and I cannot wait to share the experience with you.