Tip #4: Dress for Success

One of the biggest areas we get questions about is clothing! Below are the “3 C’s of Clothing”

Comfort | Confidence | Color


No matter what you choose to wear, it needs to be comfortable. We tend to be active during engagement sessions and want to make sure you are having a great time as well. One of the areas where comfort is often forgone is in shoe selection. Shoes are an integral part of an outfit, and if less-than-comfortable shoes are the only downside to your favorite outfit, definitely bring them, but I also recommend bringing along a pair of flats or tennis shoes to change into before long walks.



If you look in the mirror and radiate confidence with your outfit choice, it’s the right one. If you love everything but the top, pants, or shoes, we recommend going shopping in the pieces you like, and shopping for a replacement to the piece(s) you don’t like. After all, these confidence will soon radiate into your engagement photos. As Tulsa engagement photographers we have a number of steps we take to boost your and you fiancé’s confidence during the session, obtaining that innate sense beforehand makes a world of difference throughout the engagement session.



To best explain the “rules of coordination”, check out the diagram below!

There are 4 ways we recommend coordinating your colors.


Within the same color range, monochromatic uses various shades of the same color. Similar to a paint sample, monochromatic offers a great alternative to matching exactly. How close your colors are set together is up to you, though any combination within the monochromatic line is typically a safe bet.


If you are really looking for that punch of color, triadic is for you! Triadic colors are found using an equilateral triangle to locate colors that are 120º away from each other.


Complimentary colors are also great for finding accent colors. This is why orange pocket squares look great on navy suites, and pink roses really pop on green stems.


Analogous is one of natures ways of looking beautiful, and is one of the most fun ways to coordinate outfits. With analogous colors, the goal is to move around the color wheel while minimally straying toward/away from the center. Similar to how leaves change colors in autumn, colors that are analogous to one another are pleasing to the eye, and photograph well.

Clothing Bonus:

Colors that are closely analogous to skin tones tend to not look as great in photographs. When planning your clothing options, consider which colors you already look and feel great in and start planning from there! By using the color wheels above, creating the perfect attire for your photos can be easy and fun as well! Neutrals, such as black, white, and the other 48 shades of gray, follow the same rules as above with darks representing the outside of the circle, and lights along the inside of the circle..