Tip #2: Find Something Pinteresting

The Mood Board is the best way for us to gain insight into your favorite location type and photo style. We encourage all of our clients to create a Mood Board for their engagement session, even if they already have their ideal location in mind. Creating a Mood Board is an excellent reason to get on Pinterest and pin your favorite engagement images. We care enough about your engagement photos being a success that we created an entire blog post dedicated to your Mood Board.

We’ve covered location types on page 1, “Location, Location, Location”, but what about style? Style is greatly influenced by lighting, posing/composition, and lens choice.


I tend to use external lighting, reflectors, video lights, and modifiers to craft an image in a unique and creative fashion representative of the mood I’m trying to capture. When ambient light is less prevalent, backgrounds darken, yet we maintain beautiful lighting on the couple. This type of lighting creates a more edgy look to your photographs, but requires an understanding of light and the equipment needed to create it. My sweet wife, Emily, is a master of natural light and using angles, surrounding structures, and the environment to shape a beautiful image. Both of us can create the other’s look and feel, but we both understand and utilize our strengths.


Posing / Composition

If your Mood Board is reflective of intimate posing, or dramatic posing, there is often a reason why you chose those images. There are ways of positioning your head, joints, hands, and feet to convey a deeper message. By understanding posing and composition, it will be easier to identify why you like certain images. Consider when looking through a photographers FULL portfolio, (not just the 3 images they want everyone to see), how they set up the couple. Look to see at what percentage the couple fills the frame. Look for scenes where both people are looking, interacting, and simply staged, and make sure your Tulsa engagement photographer has a mastery of each of these.

Lens Choice

Back to the importance of the Mood Board, by viewing your favorite images, we can better assess which lenses we need to bring to your engagement session. We have Canon’s best lenses for a multitude of occasions, and can determine which lens choice was used for the photos in your mood board. Once we know your favorite type of lens, we’ll happily pack that one along the for your engagement session.