How to Select Album Photos

This tutorial is designed to show the steps necessary to select the photos for your album! At the end, remember to select a time to go over the design of your album, and we will have it ready to go!

How to Select Album Photos [Video Tutorial]

How to Select Album Photos [Text Tutorial]

1) Initiate the process

1a: Click the link sent to your email address
1b: Enter your name, email, and verification code
1c: Click [Register]

2) “Heart” your favorites

2a: Click your gallery thumbnail
2b: As your gallery loads, click the “heart” icon in the bottom-right of your favorite images. These images will be considered for your final wedding album layout so it is better to slightly over select rather than under select.
2c: Close the tab. You do not need to worry about hitting a [save] button, especially since there isn’t one. 😄 All of your selections/deselections are saved automatically as you work your way through the gallery.

3) Book a time to go through your album (this also notifies us that you are done selecting)

3a: Use the form below, or click here to select a great time to finalize your album design
3b: Enjoy the rest of your day knowing that YOU DID IT!

Select a Time to Look Through Your Custom Album Design