Five Functional ways to keep your wedding on schedule:

A practical approach to a stress-free wedding

Hey guys! Emily here— This informational post is going to help advise on ways to keep your wedding day on schedule without feeling like a micro-manager to everyone around you. By implementing these techniques, you easily can relax, enjoy your wedding day, and stay on schedule. As I’m sure you’ve figured out at this point, there are so many moving wheels when it comes to a wedding day. Between the venue coordinator, hair and makeup artists, photographers, DJ’s, florists, wedding party, family members, YOURSELF, etc., there are a ton of people to keep on track on your wedding day. 

We’re going to help advise on ways to keep your wedding day on schedule without feeling like a micro-manager. This way you can relax, enjoy your wedding day, and stay on schedule. 

For those of you who know me, you know I have two modes: 

1.) Super schedule oriented, direction following, type A kind of gal.

OR my split personality of 

2.) It is what it is…I can’t change the world around me. 

Polar opposites, right?! When it comes to wedding timelines, it sometimes seems like these are the two types of people we come into contact with on wedding days. But, if we’re being honest with each other, the “best” solution would be a perfect mix of the two perspectives. 

For those curious, all images below were captured at The Silo Event Center! 🙂

Tip Number 1: Make a realistic timeline

This is a super great starting place when it comes to staying on schedule. When beginning the tentative plan of what your dream wedding day will look like, it’s easy to start cramming things into short blocks of time. “Fixing my hair? Ah, that only takes like 20 minutes. Getting into the dress? I totally did that in 5 minutes at the tailor’s shop. Family photos? That should be quick, there’s only a few of us.” Ladies, I hear this all. the. time.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is include a buffer time around each activity. Who knows when you may get hungry and want to take a 20 minute snack break? Or how much time will it take to sew an emergency button onto a dress? By creating a timeline with a cushion of time around each activity, you allow yourself room for error— and enjoyment — on your wedding day. 

Most coordinators and photographers will provide you with their timelines for you to start the planning process. Look at their timing and craft your final weekend timeline from there. 🙂

Tip Number 2: Designate helpers 

I can’t say this enough— share the workload! When it comes to weddings, it’s hard to not be involved in every decision that is being made for the weekend. You’ve dreamed up this plan, and now it’s time to implement, right? Eh, kind of. People will approach you throughout the weekend with non-dreamy questions:  “Where do you want the table arrangements?” “What should I do— the toilet is flooding?” “Where should I park my car?”

Nope, nope, and nope. Find a person who is aligned with your wedding vision that can answer these questions for you so that your mind can relax and take in the moment, focusing on the experience and the people around you. This secondary decision maker may be a coordinator (which we totally recommend having), or it could be a friend/maid of honor, but ultimately the goal is to designate helpers to assist on the wedding weekend so you can be your best self on your wedding day. 

Tip Number 3: Distribute the timeline

So, what good is the most deliciously baked cookie if it hasn’t been eaten? It might as well have never been baked! Same thing goes with your wedding timeline— once you have crafted this master timeline for the weekend, start distributing it! Start emphasizing the importance of people knowing when and where they should be throughout the weekend, and address any questions before things start getting crazy.

Who should have your wedding timeline? All hired professionals, wedding party members, immediate family members, and of course, your designated secondary decision maker. 

Tip Number 4: Hire Professionals who don’t need hand-holding

When you are hiring a professional wedding photographer or any other professionals for your wedding day, keep in mind that it’s best to hire from within the wedding industry. Professionals within the industry know the inner-workings of weddings. You should never have to babysit your wedding professionals because, let’s face it, wedding professionals are used to working in high intensity, timeline driven scenarios!

Hiring these professionals will allow you to relax and rest in the fact that you are in good hands. If you have questionable vibes coming from any of your wedding vendors, it may be time to chat with them, share your concerns, and come to a resolution WAY before wedding day. 

Tip Number 5: Enjoy the moment 

Trust your systems, trust your people.  Things can wiggle off schedule on your timeline, but that’s okay! That’s why you include time buffers! The best thing you can do at this point is to go with the flow, and know that you put the best people into action to handle any situation that may arise. 

This is it! This is what you’ve been planning for months on end.


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