Em and I often refer to this, and the following 4 blogs as the start of the engagement journey, and we are SO excited that you are here! If you have any questions at all along the way, please reach out to us, and we would love to help!
-Tabe and Em

Engagement Photography Locations

When deciding on a engagement photography locations, look for something that is familiar to you. This can be a place that you met your fiancé, holds sentiment in your life, where you went to college, etc. As Tulsa engagement photographers, we have a vast number of locations where we can recommend taking your engagement photos. We find, however, that when your photos are captured at a place that is special for you and your fiancé, the images will hold more meaning, and will be cherished for years to come.


At Tabor Warren Photography, we truly love taking your engagement photos. Finding the best pose, morphing the best lighting, and creating a dynamic piece that you are excited to showcase to your family and friends, is what drives us as Tulsa engagement photographers. When you are in a location that is familiar to you, there is an  innate sense of comfort and confidence that goes along with it. We see our clients walk between locations like they own the place. If other couples are there having engagement photos captured there as well, it is still easy to nail posing, because there is less attention given to the “audience” around us.


Yet another option for your engagement session is your wedding venue. This brings up another important consideration and that is properties that charge for photos. To attain our data for the graph below, we contacted nearly 50 wedding venues in and around the Tulsa area to see if they charge for engagement photos. Since most wedding venues are privately owned, (and even Tulsa Parks charge us a fee for professional photography), we thought it would be important to show you what we’ve learned from our calls and emails.

To summarize, 60% of engagement locations we called have zero fee, you can visit them and photograph during their operating hours for free, however, the other 40% charge. Of those who charge, 70% of the properties make an exception for couples who will be getting married at their facility. This 70%, (28% of the total number of venues we contacted), often represent some of the most prominent wedding venues such as The Vesica Piscis Chapel, Camp Loughridge, Meadowlake Ranch, etc. We work with these venues on many occasions, so if they are places you would like photos taken, simply let us know, and we’ll help plan the rest!


Now, let’s assume for the moment that the venue is not an option and nothing comes to mind as being a sentimental location for your engagement photos, what now? Two words, “Mood Board”. We’ll cover the mood board in detail on page 2.