Client Resources

Welcome to the client resources page! Here you will find an ever increasing number of resources to help with everything from planning your wedding day to scheduling your engagement session. This page is divided into three sections– let’s dive in!

Section 1: Scheduling

Whether you want to schedule a call, timeline meeting, or engagement session, you can do it all directly from this page! New scheduling forms are always in the works, and if you think of any others you would like to see, just let me know! 😁

Section 2: Blogs Galore!

Emily and I want to make sure you all have an amazing experience and get to ENJOY your wedding day, much of that comes from pre-planning, and we have poured our knowledge into the blog posts below! We always have more on the horizon, so be sure to bookmark and frequent this page leading up to your wedding day!

Section 3: Contact

We want to make sure you always have the chance to contact us. Having 6 kiddos, we tend to focus on work M-F between 8am and 4pm, ensuring family time in the evening and on the few weekends we don’t have weddings, however, we will always respond as soon as we can.

Section 1: Scheduling

1:1 Consultation with Tabor

Want to have a quick 15 minute chat about your upcoming portrait session, wedding day, or need a vendor recommendation? This is the best way to ensure that we can connect at your convenience!

1:1 Consultation with Emily

Want to chat with Em? Absolutely! Here is a link to her schedule where you can quickly and easily plan a quick 15 minute phone/video call together.

Engagement / Bridal Session

Are you ready? Let’s go! Use the scheduler below to find a great time for your engagement session. It is often advised to plan ahead so that your work can know if you need a half day off for hair/makeup trials, or because it’s a great excuse to have a fun date day with your fiancé! 😁

QUICK NOTE: As soon as you know your engagement session date, be sure to plan your Photo / Ordering Day below as well!

Photo / Ordering Day!

Photo / Ordering Day has 3 purposes; view your engagement photos, order print and album upgrades, and design the exterior of your wedding day album! Photo / Ordering Day takes place at our downtown office where you can view colors, swatches, artwork/wall furniture, and interact with our live 3D album designer to craft the perfect heirloom album.

Reveal Celebration!

Apart from the wedding itself, this is my all time favorite day with you all! At the reveal celebration, we will go through your wedding photos, design your final album, and celebrate your wedding!!! 🤩🤩🤩

Section 2: Blogs Galore!