Hannah & Seth's Chisholm Springs Wedding

Chisholm Springs in Edmond, OK

Blog Series: TWP’s Favorite Weddings

The 2016 Edition

Hannah & Seth’s Chisholm Springs Wedding

chisholm springs

Chisholm Springs

Chisholm Springs was the perfect backdrop for Hannah & Seth’s wedding day! True to the nature of The Springs Event Center, this wedding was one for the movie screen.


When considering our favorite weddings for 2016, we were amazed by how blessed we are to have so many incredible couples to work with. That being said, Hannah & Seth’s Chisholm Springs wedding was most certainly one of our favorite weddings to date. They are such an fantastic couple, and truly the type of people you would want to be around. Their personalities are uniquely captivating, and their kindness is contagious.


Emily and I have photographed at countless Oklahoma wedding venues, and Chisholm Springs in Edmond is one of our favorites. At the beginning of Hannah and Seth’s wedding, we ventured to the bridal suite downstairs and began capturing the wedding day details, as well as the getting ready process for Hannah and her bridesmaids.


One of the things we strive for on each wedding day is to capture the bridal party both informally and formally. Fortunately for us, Hannah & Seth’s wedding party was also there to have a great time, and were fantastic when it came to their group and individual photos.


Following photos with Hannah’s bridesmaids, Emily wanted to spend a few minutes capturing a mini-bridal with Hannah. Once more, Chisholm Springs provided an amazing background for a quick and elegant bridal photography session.


Seth was such an awesome guy to work with. Though his dry sense of humor often kept us on our toes. As an example during the creatives;
Emily: This looks fantastic! Seth, could you please button your top button?
Seth: No.

Was he joking? Yes? We think so… Regardless, he buttoned his jacket, and we moved along with more from one of our favorite creative sessions in 2016.


One of the things I always notice are the guys jacket colors. It might not sound significant in the entirety of the wedding day, but it’s one of those details that carry into every photo that the groom or groomsmen are in.


On to the groomal! “Groomal” is the term I like to use for the shots of the groom by himself. Though not an official wedding term, (or even an actual word), I think it should be. Let’s spread the word! =)


Their ceremony took place at the outdoor venue portion of Chisholm Springs. Hannah and Seth did not want to have a first look before their wedding day which led to an authentic reaction when it came time to see each other.


One of the things that blew me away during the ceremony was the authenticity of their vows to one another. As wedding photographers we’ve heard hundreds of wedding vows, and theirs was unique to them, and sincere.


Following their ceremony, we gathered the bridal party together to capture more of their time together.


After the family formals and bridal party photos, we were down to one of my favorite attributes of the wedding day, the creatives! As Tulsa wedding photographers, we long for as much time as possible to photograph the bride and groom together on their wedding day.


Hannah & Seth were amazing at giving us the time we requested to capture their creatives. As we ventured around Chisholm Springs, we  continued to find creative ways to spend our time together.


Chisholm Springs has a beautiful wooden fence that lines the property. It’s elements like these that we look for as wedding photographers to bring depth and dynamic to their wedding photography.


Right before we went back into the Chisholm Springs Event Center, Emily wanted to capture one more creative and it quickly became one of our favorites. I’ve often said that she is incredible when it comes to the light-airy-romantic look, and here, she does it again!


Inside of the Springs Event Center, the theme of their wedding day came to life. Atop the tables was a variety of their favorite movies. Yet again, Hannah & Seth took their wedding day, and made it their own.


When discussing their upcoming wedding photography, we asked Hannah & Seth if there were any photos they really wanted to capture. Hannah added her own unique touches to the director’s chairs at their sweetheart table, and we were happy to accommodate this touch into their wedding day.


It didn’t take long for the party to get started. They kicked of their wedding with their first dance, daddy-daughter, and mother-son dances, and then opened up the dance floor!


With the dance floor open, it really showed off the fantastic layout of their wedding day.


Time for cake!


During the reception, Emily and I put together the first TWP Reception Experience. We knew it was something we wanted to do, but wanted to offer the first one to a couple we knew would love it. After looking through the couples we had in front of us, we knew Hannah & Seth’s Chisholm Springs wedding would be the perfect time to start a new service.


Later in the evening, while Hannah & Seth were dancing away at their wedding, Em stayed inside to capture the reception, and I took a quick venture outside to create a photo unique to Hannah & Seth. The Springs Event Center is gorgeous during the day time, but few venture out to capture its nighttime appeal.


After the nighttime creatives, it was time to get lined up for the grand exit!


Another amazing wedding day in the books. Thank you Hannah and Seth for the opportunity to be your wedding photographers, and we wish you all the happiness in the world!

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