5 Steps to Creating a Mood Board

As Tulsa wedding photographers, we want to ensure that your wedding, engagement, and bridal imagery is uniquely you. We have been asked on many occasions if our wedding photography is highlighted on Pinterest. The answer is yes! We love Pinterest and the wonderful qualities it possesses to share, learn, and display innovation. One of the ways we utilize Pinterest is by what we call a “Mood Board”. The Mood Board is simply a board on your Pinterest account that highlights the imagery you love. Though we love seeing our own pins on your mood board, we encourage you to look around! The pins you set are not there to be replicated exactly, (we believe every photographer has the right to their own ideas), however, what we look for are the styles you love the most. We look to see if you prefer whimsical or edgy, natural light or creative light, etc. The mood board is the link between what you love, and what we can learn about you! Read below to follow our 5 easy steps to creating your very own Mood Board.

Step 1: Setup or Log In to Pinterest

  • If you’ve already setup a Pinterest account, great! Simply log in, and continue to step 2.
  • If you have yet to create a Pinterest account, head over to Pinterest.com and use the screenshots below.

On the opening screen, you have the option to create a new account or simply log in with your Facebook.

Pinterest Homepage Backdrop for Clarification

You’ll then be asked to like 5 topics. In this example I chose weddings, and selected the first 5, however, choose what suites you best!

Showing how to choose Pinterest categories

That’s it for Step 1! Let’s move to Step 2!

Step 2: Create a Board

Now that you’re in, you’re viewing your home screen, which looks like this;

Notice in the top-right corner, there are these 3 little icons. Click the middle one.

This takes you to this screen. From here, click the icon that says, “Create Board”.

Once you’ve hit, “Create Board”, name your board, (Engagement Mood Board, Wedding Mood Board, etc.), enter the category, select “Secret” if you choose, and most importantly, Collaborate with Tabor Warren Photography!

Now that you’ve created your board, it will look like the sad board below. Not to worry, we’re about to change it’s “mood”! ba-da-ching!

Step 3: Run a Search

At the top of your Pinterest page, enter your topic into the search bar, (engagement photography, wedding photos, downtown bridal photos, etc.)

Step 4: Pin Your Favorites

Once you’ve found an image you like, hover over the image, and select “Save” in the upper-right corner.

Click “Save” next to your respective Mood Board, and voila! The pin is saved where we can see it!

Step 5: Follow Tabor Warren Photography

This step is optional, however, we are constantly updating our Pinterest account with new photos, and want you to stay up to date! Simply type “Tabor Warren Photography” into the search bar, and hit “Follow” when you see us pop up! We look forward to seeing what you love, and look forward to working together soon! If you have any questions, please contact us and we would love to help!