Engagement Resources

This is it! My favorite page on our website. Below you will find every resource guide that we have published regarding engagement sessions as well as a preview of the prints to come and a quick video regarding the meaning of the page itself!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions, and I am super excited to work with you all soon! -Tabor

Quick Overview About This Guide


Trying to figure out where to take your engagement photos? This guide will help walk you through several possibilities! Ultimately, we are trying to find if you would prefer an urban, outdoor, or park-like feel, and we’ll go from there! 

Pinterest is an incredible resource for finding inspiration. When we are looking over Pinterest boards, we are looking for the theme of your board rather than specific poses/locations. That being said, however, if there is anything that really inspires you, let us know! 

There are three aspects to comfort when it comes to your photos. We’ll explain the differences, and what to look for in order to have an amazing session!

Here we dive into the “3 C’s” of your outfit; 
Comfort | Confidence | Color
View a detailed color wheel that displays the four ways to coordinate your outfits, as well as other details we recommend when shopping for that ideal look!

It all comes down to this last tip. Even if all of the other tips were ignored, you could still have a great session. Communication, Vision, and Trust encompass such a crucial role in the success of your session that it would be difficult to have a perfect session without those 3 factors.


Let’s plan the shot!

This is the COOLEST aspect of your upcoming Zoom meeting! It helps to be familiar with the products below to make the most of the iconic image, but get ready to dream up something amazing! (Also, the 4 images below were recent collaborations created during the planning process! 😁)

To schedule your Zoom meeting simply use the calendar below! 

Need an evening or weekend slot? No worries, just send me an email, and we’ll work something out! 🙂



You can select your style from one or both of the print styles below:

Single Print

With single prints, you are selecting individual prints 11″x14″ and larger. These work out especially well if you are looking at the luxury acrylic and canvas print options.

Print Collections

Print collections are an incredible way to maximize the number of prints included in your investment as we pass along the discount we receive with certain combinations of prints.


Canvas are one of the most timeless options on the market. They offer an interesting bridge within artwork that has been appreciated for hundreds of years, and will remain a treasure for hundreds of years to come.

Gicleé method offers increased visibility angle
Museum grade canvas carries a 100 year guarantee
Wooden frames resist torquing of the image over time

Hand made and hand wrapped on authentic canvas, our canvas line is the perfect way to ensure your photograph maintains it’s place within your family legacy.


Our top selling product, metals offer a timeless product at an incredible value.

Easy to clean

Whether you choose a satin, mid-gloss, high-gloss, or one of two translucent options, you’ll end up with a product that is easy to display in your home to reflect back on for years to come. Additionally, metals can be custom cut to nearly any size!

About The Products

Photo Wraps

Photo Wraps, also known as “Emily’s Favorite”, are one of our most desired printing options.

3 Paper Options
Print hugs within an inch of the wall
Comes ready to hang

Typically the most affordable printing option, and looks amazing in both single prints as well as collections. With sizes up to 24″x36″, Photo Wraps come ready to hang so you can transform your house or apartment into a home quickly and easily.


Acrylics are the absolute highest quality prints on the market. Impeccable print quality, affixed to thick acrylic, french cleat, and optional diamond bonding. These are truly show stopping.

Highest quality
Incredibly durable
Perfect color
Crisp details
French cleat securely anchors the print

If you identify as a perfectionists, or one who appreciates when a job is thoroughly well done, the acrylic is the perfect print for your home.

Single Print Pricing

Starting price reflects a 16″x24″ print


Starting at $420


Starting at $370

Photo Wrap

Starting at 310


Starting at $520

Wall Collection Pricing

Starting price reflected under each collection


Starting at $1,000

Overall Dimensions:

40″H x 66″W


Starting at $1,400

Overall Dimensions:

43″H x 43″W

Four Square (3 Sizes)

Starting at $500

Overall Dimensions:

25″H x 25″W | 33″ x 33″ | 42″H x 42″W

Tic Tac Toe (5 Sizes)

Starting at $700

Overall Dimensions:

20″H x 20″W | 32″H x 32″W | 38″H x 38″W
38″H x 56″W | 62″H x 95″W

Sydney (2 Sizes)

Starting at $500

Overall Dimensions:

32.5″H x 24″W | 50.5″H x 40″W

Rectangular Triptych (12 Sizes)

Starting at $600

Overall Dimensions:

18″H x 38″W | 20″ x 50″W | 24″H x 50″W |
24″H x 56″W | 30″H x 62″W | 36″H x 74″W |
40″H x 92″W | 50″H x 92″W | 70″H x 107″W |
48″H x 110″W | 50″H x 122″W | 60″H x 122″W


Starting at $900

Overall Dimensions:

37″H x 58″W

Square Triptych (5 Sizes)

Starting at $400

Overall Dimensions:

12″H x 38″W | 16″H x 50″W | 20″H x 62″W |
30″H x 92″W | 40″H x 122″W


Staring at $900

Overall Dimensions:

26″H x 44″W

Classic Triptych (Small)

Staring at $400

Overall Dimensions:

20″H x 40″W

Classic Triptych (Large)

Staring at $700

Overall Dimensions:

30″H x 54″W

Timeless (5 Sizes)

Staring at $600

Overall Dimensions:

20″H x 37″W | 24″H x 45″W | 40″H x 71″W
24″H x 73″W | 40″H x 81″W


Starting at $700

Overall Dimensions:

30″H x 30″W

Formal Four

Starting at $600

Overall Dimensions:

24″H x 34″W

The Big E

Starting at $700

Overall Dimensions:

34″H x 32″W