Angela & Mark's Engagement Print Order

11"x16" Metallic-Satin ThinWrap

Angela & Mark’s Engagement Print Order

Image Number | 14
Size | 11″x16″
Material | ThinWrap
Paper Type | Metallic
Finish | Satin



The original file already looked great which makes the enhancing aspect even better. One of the things I noticed in the original file was the deeply warm tones found in the shadows. This primarily affects the skin tones within the image and by cooling the overall photo, the orange tones found in the shadows are mitigated and blend in better with the overall look of the photo. There were also a few distractions, such as the fabric from the shirt, that I wanted to eliminate, as well as an overall tonal adjustment.



The first thing I wanted to adjust was the background of the image. I raised the requirement needed for a deep black ~15%, bringing the overall background to a slightly brighter appearance, while adding a touch of the “film” effect. This, alongside a custom masked vignette near the edges, creates the timeless look for the photo. By adjusting the background separately from the foreground, it also “pops” you all off of the print. I feathered in the difference between the two so the different color profiles flow together seamlessly.

When adjusting for skin tones, I boosted the brightness in the shadows again, this time only in the mid-to-low levels. We had a near perfect lighting scenario for this photo, so adjustments to the overall contrast of the foreground were minimal. I did a very minute line-reduction in some areas simply to compensate for the new lighting direction I was taking the image. Rather than the near paramount-style lighting that was shown before, I wanted the lighting to be a little more flat. By mixing the two, we see a lot of detail and true colors throughout the image.

Overall, I absolutely LOVE this photo of the two of you all! What a statement piece it will be on your wall, and I am excited to have it printed and delivered! This crop is reflective of an 11×16 print, though the edges will be wrapped, brining the overall photo a little closer in the final product. I went ahead a left the edges far enough away from you all as to not clip any more from the photo than necessary.



The side-by-side comparison shows the difference in skin, and overall toning of the image. I also went through and did a custom sharpening to make certain the printed image is crisp, clean, and beautiful when it comes back. I kept the sun glow that radiated through the left side of the image, and matted out the background slightly. These improvements culminate in a gorgeous image, and certainly was one of my favorites to work on!

What are your thoughts? I look forward to hearing from you, and getting this in your hands soon!

All my best,