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Natalie & Dustin’s Wedding Photography, © Tabor Warren Photography


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Wedding season is our most treasured time of year–and nothing excites us more than being selected to provide the wedding photography for our friends’ weddings! With that being said, Natalie’s and Dustin’s wedding at Skelly Lodge in Catoosa, OK (near Tulsa, OK) was special for us to photograph for multiple reasons:

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First, Tabor and I were in the same youth group as Natalie while in high school. Though we were a few grades ahead of her, we were no strangers to each other. Seeing her mature and fall in love was neat for us, especially since we too fell in love while in the youth group at Woodland Acres Baptist Church in Tulsa, OK (cheesy, I know!).

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Secondly, Natalie and Dustin share a wedding anniversary with us! We could think of no greater way to celebrate our anniversary than through providing wedding photography for our friends. The wedding was amazing , making the wedding photography simple to capture.

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Lastly, the wedding was incredible due to the abundance love that was in the building. Though the wedding was initially set to be an outdoor wedding, mother nature had alternate plans (rain!), causing a need for an indoor wedding. Though wedding photography is more “lively” outdoors, the amount of love that was in the room indoors made up for the lack of shrubbery. I will note that I have never seen it snow in May in the great state of Oklahoma, however, on our way home from the Timmons wedding, there were snow flurries falling! What a special day!

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Everyone attending the wedding was genuinely happy– happy for Natalie and Dustin, happy for the wedding, happy in general– making the wedding a pleasure to photograph.

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This wedding kicked off our spring wedding season at Tabor Warren Photography (Tulsa area photographers), and we can’t wait to share additional images from the Timmons’ wedding. If there are any services that we can provide for you (wedding photography, maternity photography, newborn photography, etc.), please contact us at or visit our Facebook page

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We look forward to hearing from you. Remember, YOU are our inspiration!

God bless you and keep you,


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