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I have recently had the opportunity to serve Melissa and Ryan Beeler at their Downtown Tulsa wedding reception. Though they held an intimate wedding ceremony on the beaches of Mexico the week prior, a celebration back home was certainly in order. This gave the family and friends of the bride and groom a chance to see them and congratulate them on their marriage.


The Beeler wedding reception was held at the IDL Ballroom in Downtown Tulsa, OK. The Ballroom was the perfect venue. From the hospitable staff, to the urban location– it was perfect! As wedding photographers in Tulsa, we see many different wedding venues on a weekly basis, so we can certainly distinguish the good from the bad. The IDL Ballroom was amazingly pleasant. The staff and owners of the IDL Ballroom even changed the marquee to read “Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Beeler”. Too cool! We had a great time taking photos under the marquee as I am sure you can see 🙂


Thank you so much to Melissa and Ryan for letting me capture your reception. I had a great time!

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