Wedding Photographer, Tabor Warren, Captures the Cammack Wedding in OKC, OK

Tulsa Wedding Photographer ©Tabor Warren Photography

Wedding photographer, Tabor Warren here. To see more services from our Tulsa Wedding Photographers, please check out our Tulsa wedding photography page! We encourage you to view Sarah & Chance’s full wedding photography gallery, in addition to viewing some sample images below. I had the privilege and honor to serve as wedding photographer for Sarah and Chance’s beautiful backyard wedding. We love traveling for weddings, but the hospitality I received made it feel more like I was shooting this wedding for family. The beautiful backyard wedding took place in Oklahoma City amongst beautiful landscaping surrounding a gorgeous estate. Family flew in from all over for their wedding, even as far as Green Bay, Wisconsin.


While it is always an honor to be the wedding photographer of choice for any couple, working alongside Sarah and Chance was something unique and wonderful. As their wedding photographer, I felt so at home working with them, even meeting with their dog, Lucy upon my visit. Photographing the wedding in their incredible backyard was much more personable experience. I remember when I shot their Tulsa engagement photography session at Woodward Park, I called Emily and told her about the incredibly nice couple I got to work with.


Ask anyone, I love dogs. Lucky for me, their faithful companion Lucy was there for the wedding. I was actually a little surprised as to how often I saw the little gal. As a wedding photographer, I have worked with several dogs at various weddings. Lucy, however, was not there to work, but to observe, love, and be loved. Oddly enough, I find that Lucy gave this backyard wedding its own unique charm. With the family dog walking around, it made everyone, myself included, feel as though we were a part of the family, something not felt by every wedding photographer while working.


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