Tulsa Wedding Photographer, Tabor Warren, Captures The Letcher-Marable Wedding

Tulsa Wedding Photography © Tabor Warren Photography

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Tulsa Wedding Photographer

Weddings like Stefani and Jacob’s are the reason I became a Tulsa wedding photographer. Both Stefani and Jacob are such incredible people, and the family and friends surrounding them are incredible just the same. When Stefani and I met at Shades of Brown on Brookside to go over the plans for her wedding, she was incredibly calm. The ideas she had in mind were beautiful and I knew this was going to be a timeless wedding. As a Tulsa wedding photographer, I am always excited to photograph at new venues. The Tulsa Garden Center was a first for me to photograph. Though I have been to the venue a great number of times before, seeing it again from a wedding photographer’s perspective was a new opportunity for me, but one that I was honored to have.

Tulsa Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography is an art. The professional photography equipment I use does help, but the people in the photographs play a crucial role in the finished product. Fortunately for me, the people involved with last Saturday’s wedding are beautiful to begin with. There was so much happiness surrounding the halls of the Tulsa Garden Center, not once did I ever have to ask someone to ‘smile’. Every image that was captured, sealed a moment in time that was truly happy. The emotions are generally high during a wedding, but they are real. What may be perceived as a simple gesture of friendship and love is still tied to countless memories of life.

Tulsa Wedding Photographer

As a Tulsa Wedding Photographer, I love to see flowers. At Stefani and Jacob’s wedding, their flower displays were gorgeous! One of my favorite shots came from placing their wedding rings within a lily from one of the table decorations. The result, seen below, captivates a unifying tone from this wedding, detail.

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Love. There is love to be found at every wedding. At the Letcher-Marable wedding, love was the underlying theme. Everyone there seemed to know each other. Even if they didn’t know one another, there was so much mingling that I imagine they should know one another by the end of the night. From a wedding photographer’s perspective, the love, joy, and friendship displayed at this wedding makes my job so much easier. I don’t believe I ever had to ask someone to smile. Everyone there seemed genuinely happy, including me.

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