Tulsa Wedding Photographers, Tabor and Emily Warren, Capture the Baker Wedding

Tulsa Wedding Photography ©Tabor Warren Photography

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As Tulsa wedding photographers Emily and I are greatly blessed to spend so many weekends serving Tulsa’s wedding photography needs. This wedding, however, was certainly dear to both of our hearts. Erik and Juliet are incredible friends of Emily and myself. I’ve known Erik LONG before either Em or I decided to become wedding photographers. In fact, Erik and I go back to the second grade and have been best friends ever since. There are countless stories I could share about my best man, but I’ll save those for another time. Speaking of best man, that was my primary role for Juliet and Erik’s wedding. Though we were honored with the opportunity to capture everything apart from the ceremony, Emily and I were both part of the wedding party as well!


So, with the wedding photographers also being the best man and bridesmaid, who shot the actual wedding? Blake Studdard of Atria Creative and his wife, Charlesy were there to shoot the wedding. Blake is another guy I grew up with. Long story short, Erik, Juliet, Blake, Emily, and I all went to Woodland Acres Baptist Church in Tulsa. Blake and I used to play guitar for the youth group there, and now we both shoot weddings. It is always great to be surrounded by friends, especially on such a fantastic occasion.


As wedding photographers, it is hard to find  a more beautiful wedding venue in Tulsa than Meadowlake Ranch. Fortunately for us, this is exactly where their ceremony and reception took place.


Many of our friends and family remember their initial engagement post that we published about 15 months ago. To keep the story short, Erik was wanting to propose to Juliet, yet he knew that abruptly going out to a nice restaurant might tip her off for his plan. It was New Year’s Eve night 2013 and he called me wanting to brainstorm  ideas on how to propose that night. Ultimately, the night continued on as plans changed until he decided that he wanted to ask her on the sidewalk outside of our house. Plans got a little rattled once more when the weather was a bit chilly and Juliet decided to RUN to the car leaving Erik in the dust as he dropped to one knee. I’ll never forget the “Juliet, you drive me crazy… and I want you to be my wife”. Well, she said, “yes”, and that brings us to where we are today.

Tulsa Engagement Photography

One of my favorite wedding photography shots, shown at the top, came from the grand exit. Though very dark by the end of the reception, there was just enough light to show off the bubbles floating around. After the bubbles were blown, the dip was shown, they got in Erik’s ’78 El Camino and drove on home. What a fantastic experience for us to have both as friends and Tulsa wedding photographers.

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