Tulsa Headshot Photography

As Tulsa Headshot Photographers, we want this to be the easiest headshot photography session imaginable. With our convenient downtown office, located on the 28th floor of the Mid-Continent Tower at 4th and Boston in Tulsa, OK, we want you to be able to be in and out and still have time to eat lunch before heading back to work. Before your headshot session, we have everything ready to go, so all you have to do is arrive ready for your headshot!

When we finish capturing your headshot photos, we can review the images right then so you can let us know which headshot images are your favorites, and we can get to work on them right away. If you are in a hurry, we can also send you a link which shows the various headshot photos we captured at your session, and you can easily select your favorites from there.

Any questions, just let us know! As your Tulsa headshot photographers, we look forward to finding ways we can serve you, and want you to enjoy your Tulsa headshot experience.

Social Media Session | $95

The session is perfect if you really REALLY need just one look, one image to look amazing on social media, interviews and other small applications. This session only takes 15 minutes and delivered in 24 hours or less.

Abbreviated Session | $175

A quicker version of the classic business session. Includes 2-4 retouched digital files and licensing use for the image. Makeup is not included in these sessions, so please come makeup ready.

Business Session | $395

Classic headshot session. Includes 5-8 retouched digital files, licensing use for the images, professional makeup application at the studio, and optional clothing changes.

A Note From Your Tulsa Headshot Photographer:

As your Tulsa headshot photographer, I want to personally invite you to our studio for your professional headshot. A headshot, or “head shot” for the British folk out there, is often the first impression you will receive. Your headshot can say a lot about the type of person you are, and it takes a professional headshot photographer to craft the headshot photo you need. From corporate headshots to actor headshots, we have the tools needed to create the look you need.

3 Reasons Why We Should Be Your Tulsa Headshot Photographers;

You will have a professional photographer for your headshots:

My wife and I opened our photography business in 2009 and have been booking ever since. We got our start with family sessions while we were both in college, and in April of 2013 she left her job as a CPA to pursue our photography business full-time. At that time I was enrolled at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Oklahoma State, and continued down that path until December of 2013 when I recognized that I too wanted to pursue our photography business full-time. Since 2013 alone, we’ve added over 100,000 photos to our professional portfolio and risen to become one of the most prominent photography studios in Tulsa. With over 150 online client reviews, and every client providing us a 5-star review, we treasure each and every person we photograph, and feel truly blessed to be following our passion today.

We Have a Convenient Tulsa headshot studio:

Our Tulsa headshot photography studio is located at 401 S Boston Ave on the 28th floor of the Mid-Continent Tower. Since our headshot photography takes place in the heart of downtown Tulsa, our studio is often within walking distance of many of the people we serve. Between the convenient setting, fast and easy sessions, (often less than an hour in total), and most turn-around times within 24-48 hours, we want you to have an easy and relaxed head shot experience.

Straight-forward headshot photography pricing:

You have your choice of three headshot photo options. From the business session which includes a hair/makeup stylist, to the social media session which is quick and easy, everyone’s needs are different. Though our packages are there to meet most everyone’s needs, there is always the option to have a custom quote! Simply use our Tulsa Headshot Photographer contact page and let us know what your specific needs entail.

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