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Why Tabor Warren Photography is Your Best Choice For Event Photography

Our Tulsa event photographers have shot events for national brands, government officials, and Forbes top 100 companies, and have the experience and equipment necessary to capture your large or small event. As Tulsa event photographers, we pride ourselves in bringing the absolute best quality, commitment, and communication of any Tulsa event photographer. We are professional event photographers, and take pride in our quality and service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a professional event photographer?

There is an enormous difference between the quality of photos captured by an amateur and a professional photographer, however, not all professional event photographers are the same. At Tabor Warren Photography, we only use the best cameras, lenses, and lighting therefore providing the highest quality event photography available. Our experience has placed us in some of the most difficult lighting situations possible, yet the quality of our work remains consistent. Knowledge of our equipment and the assertiveness we carry into every session allows us to capture the shots you require. From political representatives and top Forbes companies to Christmas parties and family reunions, we know how to capture your event with confidence.

When Should I Hire My Event Photographer?

The short answer: As soon as possible.
The long answer: Much of the timing depends on the day and time of your event. Here at Tabor Warren Photography, our schedule is booked nearly every day of the year, however, many of those bookings come within two weeks of their session. Our Saturdays are often booked 1.5 to 2 years in advance, however, regardless of when your event is, we certainly encourage you to contact us for availability as soon as you are aware of the date and time of your event. We will be able to tell you quickly if we are available or if we are already booked. The sooner you can contact us, however, the better chance that we can still be available for your event photography needs.

Are my event photographs edited?

Yes! This is a very important question as well. As full-time wedding, portrait, and event photographers, we spend a lot of time editing your photos. Though the “raw” photos look great as they come out of our cameras, the edited versions have been color corrected to compensate for any exposure shifts that occur during your event. Additionally, we simply want to make sure that your photos look as great as possible before they are published on your online gallery. We certainly encourage viewing several of our other recent event photography galleries as well.

Do I get to choose my photographer?

We love to hear if you have a preference in your photographer, however, we also tend to know who would be best fit for which event. If you have a second, view our event photography galleries and see if there are any you prefer. Often, we have found that one photographer took the majority of the galleries you prefer and we will suggest that photographer as an option. Tabor or Emily Warren are always your lead photographer, however, and have shot nearly the same number of sessions. Simply contact us with details of your session, and we will help determine the right photographer for your unique event.

How Will I Receive My Event Photography Photographs?

Your event photographs will be uploaded to your very own online gallery. This gallery is also perfect if you are looking to share the viewing rights of your photos via email, social media, or simply with your family, friends, and colleagues. Next you will receive a digital download of that same gallery, emailed to the address on file. This digital download can also be shared by multiple people as you choose. Additionally, you will receive your files on a portable thumb drive sent directly to your address. Along with your thumb drive of photos, you will receive a high-resolution print release allowing you to print, upload, and share the photos from your event.

Can You Print the Event Photographs On-Site?

Yes we can! Simply let us know that you would like us to bring our on-site printer and we will get it reserved for your event at no additional charge. Our printer can print 5×7, 4×6, or two 2×6 “photo booth” style prints. The printer can create up to four prints per minute, (1 print every 15 seconds), allowing your guests to quickly have access to their printed photographs. The photos that are printed with our on-site event printer are also included in the edited event photos you receive as well.

Do You Bring Your Own Lighting?

Absolutely! The best event photographs require the right lighting. By request, we bring our on-location studio to you! This is also a great option if you would like to use our on-site printer at no additional charge.

Can Our Watermark Appear on the Images Printed With the On-Site Printer?

Sure! Simply send us your watermark and we will include it as an automatic overlay for your event photos. The watermark will appear on the photos printed at the event, but you will have the photos without the watermark overlay in the digital files you receive from your event.

How Do We Book Our Event Photographer?

Simply let us know as soon as you are ready to book and we will send over an online invoice which can be securely paid online. If you would prefer a check, or cash, those forms will certainly work as well and the online invoice will be automatically updated with receipt of payment once your payment is received. Lastly, we have an event agreement which has the time, place, and other details regarding your event.

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