Tulsa event photographer, Tabor Warren, provides event photography coverage for City Year

Tulsa event photographer, Tabor here.

Event photography is one of the best parts of my job as a photographer. Tulsa event photographers need to be ready for anything, it is the same mentality that drives our photography business every day. As event photographers, we often gain the opportunity to meet some amazing people, the City Year crew quickly grew to become some of my favorites. Driven by optimism and passion for the youth of today. It was an honor to provide event photography coverage in Tulsa during City Year’s Opening Day Event in downtown Tulsa. Their event photography coverage included keynote speakers, group photos, and an array of candids. 

As the selected Tulsa Event Photographers for City Year, I have grown to truly cherish their mission, employees, and members. Providing event photography is easy when you are surrounded by dozens of extroverted and cheerful individuals. Though I have been fortunate to meet a great number of people through the career of being a photographer, Opening Day of City Year Tulsa will certainly maintain itself as a favorite moment in my photography career. From their charisma to their inspiring methods amongst the youth in Tulsa and around the nation, every day is an adventure for this City Year crew. It is always fantastic to provide event photography for groups, such as City Year, and I look forward to working with them in the future.

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