Tulsa Engagement Photographers ~ Patric and Nicole’s Initial Engagement

Engagement Photography © Tabor Warren Photography

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As a Tulsa wedding and engagement photographer, it is always fun to shoot an engagement session, it’s always a LOT of fun to shoot the initial engagement, especially for your friends. The idea: Patric had the idea of taking his sweetheart out to a romantic dinner on New Year’s Eve. When asked where he was planning, he said The Melting Pot. PERFECT, I’m in. =) During their special Melting Pot engagement photography session, only Patric, the employees, and I had any idea what was taking place. I waited outside anxiously awaiting their arrival at Riverwalk in Jenks, OK. Tulsa Engagement Photographers 002 Patric gave me a ball park as to when they would arrive, and I took position. For this style of engagement photography, you have to be more than an engagement photographer, you have to be an engagement photographer ninja. Tulsa Engagement Photographers 001 Patric was ecstatic as the day was approaching. He sent me a picture of the ring which he was rightfully proud to have purchased. Tulsa Engagement Photographers 003 October, 2013, just months before the day Patric and Nicole’s lives would be changed forever, Patric sent me a message over facebook hinting at the idea that he was looking at popping the question to his love, Nicole. In November, we were texting,  and he began to fill me in on some of the details of the proposal. He bought a dozen roses to give to her as a present the night he would propose. In the center of the roses was a yellow rose which he would have the ring placed within. Surrounding the yellow rose would be red roses. As a Tulsa wedding photographer, I’ve seen many floral arrangements, and this one looked amazing. Tulsa Engagement Photographers 004 December began to roll around, and the final countdown began to reveal itself. We had a few phone conversations back and forth, and I let him know late in December, that I wasn’t going to be calling back after that point, just in case. I also informed him that I was excited to play the role of engagement photographer ninja, and I would see him before he saw me. Finally, the day came. Exactly one year to the day after being Erik & Juliet’s initial engagement photographer, I was in place to photograph another engagement. The staff at The Melting Pot was great. When the time came, two of them came over to my private booth, and we all took off. Tulsa Engagement Photographers 005 Nicole’s reaction was priceless. I tried to stay out of sight until she figured out what was going on. Tulsa Engagement Photographers 006 Patric was awesome, he got down on one knee, presented the plate to Nicole, captivated the moment with his moving words, and well… Tulsa Engagement Photographers 008 She said YES! Tulsa Engagement Photographers 009 All in all, it was a fabulous evening for all of us. Emily and I are looking forward to being their wedding photographers, and Patric and Nicole get to enjoy their happy ever after. Tulsa Engagement Photographers 007 -Tabor If you are looking for an engagement photographer, check our our pricing, or contact us for availability. Want to see more from our engagement photography sessions, view our online galleries or visit our blog. Engagement Photography © Tabor Warren Photography | All rights reserved.

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