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Sam and Jacob’s Tulsa Engagement Photographers © Tabor Warren Photography

Emily here, Tabor and I were incredibly honored to be chosen for Sam and Jacob’s Tulsa engagement photographers this summer! The four of us have quite a few connections– some of which we didn’t even know existed until recently. Not only did Tabor and Jacob go to school together, but Jacob, Tabor, and I all went to Falls Creek together summer of 2006. I remember that trip vividly since that it where Tabor and I met 🙂

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Another connection that we share is that Sam and I are currently working for the same company! In fact, she and I had multiple conversations during busy season before we even realized that we shared all of these connections. How small  is the world (especially Tulsa)!

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When selecting a location to hold their engagement session, Jacob and Sam decided on downtown. This was significant for several reasons– first of all, Sam spends a lot of time downtown working, so that was great. But most importantly, Jacob actually proposed to Sam downtown! We were able to take several photos right where he popped the question outside of the City Building.

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Throughout the entire session, both Jacob and Sam were such a joy to work with. They were open to any suggestions and encouraged creativity– such a rarity! And did I mention that Sam walked over a mile in three inch heals?! What a trooper!!

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With less than one week until their wedding, we are getting so excited for their big day! Meadowlake Ranch is one of our favorite places to be, so I know that with the mix of a great venue and fabulous people, the wedding is going to be absolutely stunning.

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