Tip #5: Communication

by | Nov 10, 2017 |

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Communication is key when planning and creating your engagement session. Overall, the planning process is based on communicating two key steps, vision and trust.



If you have a strong vision for your engagement session, definitely convey that to your photographer. Sometimes the photographer you want may not be the best for your vision and that’s okay! When I wrote about my wife and my distinct styles on page 3, “Find Something Pinteresting”, I also wanted to foreshadow this last tip. As photographers, we have individual qualities, likes, and dislikes, that make us who we are. It shows up in our photographic style as well as our editing, and trying to fake something we are not would be disingenuous to you, ourselves, and the photographic community as a whole. I’ve had to turn down the opportunity to work with really great people in the past simply on the principle that I did not feel I was the best fit to give them what they were looking for. As full time photographers, this is how my wife and I earn our entire income, so turning away income is not easy or fun, however, we truly want the best for you, and there are occasions when others hold a style more suitable.



If you’ve done your homework, and found your perfect photographer, perfect! This lands us at our last step, trust. There are a number of reasons why you chose the photographer you have in mind, whether it be style, reviews, full understanding of engagement and wedding photography, or maybe you sent them an inquiry and were amazed at how quickly they communicated back with you. 😉 What ever the reason, now is the time to trust your instinct and allow the photographer to use their talents and equipment to create images you know you will love! As much as I love Pinterest, the photos found within and shared by tens of thousands are very idealistic, often capturing a couple at the perfect heights for a certain pose, underneath a beautiful pier in Charleston, SC, or maybe the wind blew just right and in the perfect angle to capture that inner model. As photographers, our goal is to create that one image that will be shared by the masses, but the best way to do that is not by copying another’s work, but by innovating and using our strengths to capture yours. I fully believe that everyone is beautiful, and is a miracle of God’s creation, and it is my goal to bring out the best in you and yours.

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