Newborn Photography – Baby E.

Cake Smash Edition – Photography © Tabor Warren Photography

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When it comes to newborn photography, there are few things more fun than a cake smashing. For those who have not witnessed a cake smashing, the rules are simple; hand a precious baby a cake, watch them smash it, and live vicariously through them. Babies seem to LOVE the feeling of cake sticking to their face. Of course, they also love sticking cake to their mom, dad, and the photographer. =) This adorable little girl was ready to go while dressed in her pink and white dress, and we were happy to be there to capture the moment.

At T.W. Photography, we are always ready for the joyous challenge of  newborn photography. Emily and I have two little boys ourselves, and have literally taken tens of thousands of pictures of our little guys. We know first-hand just what it takes to capture the moment. Newborn photography requires detailed focus, crisp depth of field, and most importantly, patience. Babies and toddlers tend not to always look when you wish they would. Rather, a newborn will look at you when they’re ready, which is when we are ready. Quite honestly, we rarely have trouble gaining the attention of children of all ages. We arrive with our big cameras and large lenses, and the kids tend to be amazed at the giant ‘toys’ we are playing with.

We have learned that the key to professional newborn photography is to enjoy the moment. We know that babies grow up way too fast. To be with your little ones is something we absolutely treasure. Though most who hire us are looking for a newborn photographer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we love to travel. Contact us for a custom quote. We would love to schedule a newborn session for the baby or toddler in your life. We greatly look forward to working with you and capturing your baby’s special moments.


Below are three of the images you will find if you view Baby E’s gallery. Remember that we award our clients with free prints in exchange for likes on our facebook page.

Newborn Photography Cake Smash

This was taken just before her cake was ready for smashing.

Newborn Photography One-Year

Here, we are able to see just how clean her face was before she began.

Newborn Photographer

Needless to say, she enjoyed her first taste of cake.

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