Tabor here,


My wife, Emily and I have been together for coming up to six years, about half of which we have been married. We have two handsome little boys, one is which is two years and the other is 2 months old. We both grew up in the Tulsa area and met at Falls Creek when we were in high school, after which we have become inseparable. Like many we grew up with cameras, beginning with film and progressing through digital. My wife is an absolute natural at what she does and often times I tend to flag her shots as the best in a session. I took a somewhat different approach studying photography, not just the mathematics and electronic aspect of the work but also the greats from landscape photographer, Ansel Adams to modern-day wedding photographer, Nathan Bell of Charleston, SC. Together my wife and I combine our talents to offer a single, unique, wonderful and beautiful experience for you and yours from the moment our shutter closes to the time you spend showing off your images of light, life and love.


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