Maternity Photography ~ Elizabeth & Dustin’s Maternity Photography Session in Tulsa, OK

Maternity Photography © Tabor Warren Photography

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Maternity Photography is where TW Photography made its debut years ago. When selecting a maternity photographer, it is important that not only do you feel comfortable around the photographer, but that they are also considerate for your needs. We realize that some mothers, (such as Elizabeth, who’s photos appear on this page), are quite the thrill seekers and up for anything during their maternity photography session. As maternity photographers, we have found that though many mothers are ready for anything, others wish to take it slow and steady.

Maternity Photography Tulsa 009

Elizabeth and Dustin were an absolute joy to work with. It was evident from the beginning of their maternity session that these two are completely in love with one another. As we would walk from site to site, we noticed they would be smiling and holding hands. Their maternity session was fun to hold in great part to their delight in one another.

Maternity Photography Tulsa

I (Tabor Warren) LOVE baby shoes. My wife and I have two little boys and a mystery baby on the way (we’re not finding out the gender). I know, first hand, that their little piggies won’t stay little for very long, for this reason, I absolutely love celebrating their little size and stature even if it is during the maternity session. Of course, we threw in the image below since I couldn’t help but take this photo.

Maternity Photography Tulsa 001

Maternity Photography is one of my favorite times to capture for the opportunity it offers to slow time even for just a little while. My wife and I capture memories that will truly last a lifetime. I love visiting clients and seeing our photographs on the walls in their home. At TW Photography, it is our goal to capture professional, beautiful, photographs at an affordable price for you.

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Speaking of affordable, when you book a maternity session through TW Photography, we reduce our newborn session by 25%! To see the reduced pricing sheet, click here.

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Professional maternity photography should be reasonably priced for everyone. When my wife was pregnant with our first son, we were pinching every penny we had. I try to live with absolutely no regrets, however, I wished we had contacted someone for maternity photographs. I knew that there were more affordable options out there, but none seemed to be the quality I was hoping for. At TW Photography, it is our mission to fill that void. Affordable prices should be available with professional quality, and it is our mission to see that it happens for the Tulsa metro.

Maternity Photography Tulsa 005

We are not typically know to do “heart” pictures, however, this anomaly happened while Elizabeth and Dustin were holding hands. I noticed the heart shape on the ground and, being a photographer, had a hard time passing up any opportunity for a memorable moment. This heart, however, fairly well summarized the bold love shared by Elizabeth and Dustin, and I felt needed to be thrown into their maternity photography album.

Maternity Photography Tulsa 006

Love, it’s the magic behind each maternity session. Finding the love, is our joy as Tulsa maternity photographers.

Maternity Photography Tulsa 007

Maternity Photography is one of the most natural forms of photography for us at TW Photography. Emily and I have a deep respect for expecting mothers, and we make sure that each maternity photography session delivers the beauty found with a pregnancy. After all, every expecting mother is beautiful.

Maternity Photography Tulsa 008

Ultimately, the photographer chosen for maternity photos should be professional, and still personal, the photos should be beautiful, and still affordable, and the images should be edited and returned as promptly as possible. Your life and the life within are beautiful. It is our job to capture your beauty, and your job to be you.

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© Tabor Warren Photograpahy

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