Family Photography ~ Tulsa, OK

Family Photography for the Powell Family © Tabor Warren Photography

Tabor and I have had the pleasure to serve the Powell family this fall as their family photographers. When planning the family photography session, Stephanie mentioned that the kids are most laid back earlier in the morning. Being parents to two little boys (and a little girl on the way), Tabor and I are all about timing important events around the kids, so we decided to meet up at 9AM on a Saturday morning. It ended up being a great time of day for everyone!

Family Photography, Tulsa, OK 001

As the Powell family arrived, we just took a nice little stroll through the location, trying to make it as laid back and casual as possible for the little ones. I think it went well– look at how the personality just shines through! Moods were great, lighting was great, temperature was great– it was just a great session!

Family Photography, Tulsa, OK 004

Oh, and sweet Baby E! We have had multiple inquiries into the shade of blue of his eyes in this photo. A few of our Facebook followers asked if this was his true shade of blue. Believe it or not, this is his true eye color! We did not color enhance this image. Pretty stunning, right?! His eye color is the definition of “true blue”.

Family Photography, Tulsa, OK 002

Look at this precious family! We could not have asked for a better Saturday morning 🙂

Family Photography, Tulsa, OK 003

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