Event Photography in Tulsa, OK for Café Valley Bakery

Event Photography © Tabor Warren Photography

Who doesn’t like cake, right? Well, Tabor and I had a sweet event photography session recently serving Café Valley Bakery and Reasor’s as their event photographers when celebrity chef Danny Boome hosted a cake-making demonstration at the Owasso Reasor’s branch.

Tulsa Event Photographers 002

The managers of the local Owasso Reasor’s store were the grand prize winners of a decoration contest hosted by Café Valley Bakery and 7UP. The end result was a cash prize for the managers, as well as the opportunity to host celebrity chef Danny Boome in a 7UP cake making demonstration.

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The event was a hit! Danny Boome was such a great character– full of life and jokes– as he taught the Reasor’s shoppers how to change an ordinary cake into a delicious, creative dessert. We were able to capture his personality and his technique throughout the event.

Tulsa Event Photographers 007


One awesome aspect of this event was the fact that Tabor and I were able to taste-test a few of the cake creations! I will gladly admit, they were all quite delicious and seemed simple to make at home.

Tulsa Event Photographers 005

Between the Café Valley team and the team of Reasor’s employees, we were surrounded by some great people this weekend, and when it comes to event photography, this event takes the cake as our favorite. It was a blast meeting Danny Boome and the Café Valley team, and we look forward to serving them in the future!

Tulsa Event Photographers 005

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