Event Photography in Tulsa, OK for Victory Energy

Event Photography © Tabor Warren Photography

With the weather cooling off here in Tulsa, OK, it is time for corporate events to commence– meaning, it’s event photography time at Tabor Warren Photography! Last month, we had the pleasure to provide event photography for Victory Energy (based out of Collinsville) at Meadowlake Ranch in Tulsa, OK. Though we offer many different types of photography styles for events, Victory Energy requested a backdrop for family photos with immediate 4×6 prints from our fancy schmancy printer. We used a rustic backdrop with hay bales for props– quite appropriate for a ranch styled corporate picnic!

One of our favorite aspects of event photography is the large number of people that we get to meet! In just three hours, Tabor and I were able to meet over 300 people. This may sound dreadful to some, but Tabor and I are complete people-persons and enjoy meeting and chatting with new people every chance we get. You just never know when or where you might meet a new lifelong friend.

Another great thing about company picnics is the amount of families that are there. For some reason, Tabor and I really “click” with kids– it couldn’t be that we are kids at heart, could it?? 🙂 It’s so fun to watch how excited they get when they get to take their picture off of the printer tray. We had a few kids that went through the booth five or six times– just to get pictures of themselves. How precious?!

We feel so honored to be chosen to provide event photography for Victory Energy this fall. We look forward to serving them again soon!

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