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As wedding and engagement photographers in Tulsa, OK. We love the city and the people we get to work with. Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive when it comes to engagement photography.

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What should we wear?

We suggest wearing most anything as long as it is cute and comfortable. Often times couples will wear matching colors (often black or white), however, more often couples prefer to have their engagement pictures done while wearing complementary colors, such as the couple from this photo shoot.

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When should we do our engagement session?

We love being “early”. Many photographers simply suggest a later date to fit their scheduling, however, there is  a wonderful period of time within the first few months of becoming engaged that friends and family are anticipating your engagement photos. Typically, (and depending on how long your engagement is), we try to schedule our engagement photography clients within the first 2-3 months of becoming engaged. We also fulfill several requests for “late” engagement pictures, such as those taken within a month or two of the wedding day.

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Where should we do our engagement session?

As engagement photographers, we always enjoy exploring new terrain, As engagement photographers in Tulsa, OK we rarely have a hard time finding new, unique, modern, and beautiful locations around this city. We often begin by asking questions such as; where did you all meet, where was your first date, where were you engaged, etc. Often, this conversation sparks ideas, for new locations and makes the entire engagement session successful.

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Who all can come to our engagement session?

You, your fiance, and whomever you feel comfortable being around. We added the latter since we have had times in the past where one of our clients invited their friend to help hold their jacket, spare shoes, dog, etc. Though it tends to be more common for only our clients themselves to be present during the engagement photography session, we have always been welcoming to friends and family in the past.

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What is the best time of day to schedule an engagement session?

There is a “golden hour” which begins shortly after sunrise and goes away until shortly before sunset. When we schedule your engagement photography session, we will let you know what time would be the best time for your photographs, though we have been know to work with most any lighting situation.

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How far in advance should we book our engagement session?

We tend to stay booked about two months in advance, however, we may also have a free day open that works for all of us. Simply contact us for quick information. Remember, your engagement session is INCLUDED in your wedding package. For rates, click here.

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Do you all offer save-the-date sessions?

Yes we do! Save the dates tend to occur earlier in the engagement so remember to check with us soon so you can reserve the time that works best for you!

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Can I also schedule a bridal session?

Absolutely, we love offering bridal sessions, and even allow for them to be substituted in place of an engagement session if that is what you would prefer.

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Is the engagement session included in the wedding package?

You bet it is! That is one of the beautiful attributes to hiring us as your engagement photographers. We utilize the engagement photography session to not only deliver beautiful pictures for your special day, but also meet you all so everyone is more relaxed and comfortable on your wedding day. It really is all about you! We would LOVE to be part of your journey and capture the moments you will want to remember for a lifetime.

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