Engagement Photography ~ Lisa & Josh

Lisa & Josh’s Engagement photography © Tabor Warren Photography

This engagement photography session was one of the MOST fun sessions we have had to date. We were not only the engagement photographers for Lisa & Josh, we also had the pleasure of being Moose’s photographer as well. Moose is a very playful, energetic, and loving black lab who Lisa & Josh wished to bring with them during their engagement shoot. We hope you will enjoy the images below, and remember to find us on Facebook to follow this happy ever after here in a few months. =)

Engagement Photography Tulsa, OK 010We had such a wonderful time as Lisa and Josh’s engagement photographers. We met at a splendid park in Tulsa, OK. We made sure to find a place that was aesthetically pleasing and dog friendly. With the flowers blooming and the grass freshly trimmed, we were able to have both.

Engagement Photography Tulsa, OK 001We had a wonderful and relaxed engagement session. As engagement photographers, we love the opportunity to bond with each couple on a more personal basis.

Engagement Photography Tulsa, OK 002Below, you will find on of the most playful and charismatic black labs ever. Moose is a handsome little love pup. As you can see, he was not very camera shy and was poised at the opportunity to be the star of a photo.

Engagement Photography Tulsa, OK 003We found this tree along one of the paths in the park, the overhang was a gorgeous place to take, yet another fun and unique engagement photo.

Engagement Photography Tulsa, OK 004Lisa and Josh are two of the happiest people I have met. Being their engagement photographers was an absolute pleasure and being their wedding photographers was even more fun. =)

Engagement Photography Tulsa, OK 005Seriously, how can a couple look so great?

Engagement Photography Tulsa, OK 006Given, the scenery also worked in our favor. =)

Engagement Photography Tulsa, OK 007Over the course of the engagement session, we were all having such a splendid time… especially Moose.

Engagement Photography Tulsa, OK 008Remember to check Lisa and Josh’s full engagement album as well as their wedding album, using the link below!

Engagement Photography Tulsa, OK 009

We look forward to Lisa & Josh’s wedding photography session in June, but for now feel free to check out the entire gallery located on our portfolio site.

Remember to contact us with any questions you have, regarding booking information, payment options, or even for an initial consultation.

All my best,

-Tabor Warren

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